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Thames Tips – #1

Thames Tips – #1

Now this might end up being a regular feature, it may not. But, one of the original ideas for the blog was sharing little hints and tips we have come across, or places we think our readers might enjoy. As we’re based in the South East currently, we spend a lot of time near, on or around the Thames, so Thames Tips it is (and I do like a bit of alliteration). The first tip I wanted to share was around not always taking the tube when you are visiting London to exactly where you need to go. Sometimes it actually has several benefits, but one in particular is (for me anyway!) particularly useful.

Lancaster Gate to Paddington. Now on the tube map (look at a tube map for this, as it’s mad) it looks like it is utterly miles away from each other. In reality, its a super short walk – about 5 minutes (almost the time it takes to walk from the front of Paddington to the Circle/H&C, and about the same time it takes to get down to the Bakerloo if you’re at the back of a GWR service. The benefits are especially good here –

  1. You get a nice walk through a leafy London inner city suburb, with the delights you can see above
  2. Lancaster Gate is the 2nd stop from Bond Street, so for access to the west side of Oxford Street its really quick!
  3. On Fri/Sat nights, the Central line runs all night, connecting to the late night services on GWR and soon Crossrail services to East London.

EDIT: 20/03/2021 = Since Christmas 2020 the side door has been re-opened which makes this even quicker!

Others that I have used –

Leicester Square stationCovent Garden station

Another 5 minute one, avoiding a really busy station full of wandering tourists with M&M world bags.

Embankment to Waterloo

Just a nip over a bridge, but connects the Circle lines with the Jubilee and is probably faster than walking to Bank from Monument if you’re trying to connect that way somehow!