Air Fryer Yorkshire Pudding recipe!

Air Fryer Yorkshire Pudding recipe!

Air Fryer Yorkshire Puddings from start to finish in under 20 minutes (!) 

Back in 1992 I heard a story from my aunties, gardeners, sisters’ wife, who knew an old man at the side of a road, and this began my… just kidding, there’s no long ramble about some random story before this recipe. We get straight into it, so here we go;

Heat yorkshires tin in air fryer for 6 mins @ 200c from cold with some lard or beef dripping in each section (about 8g per hole – I put my tin on the scale, weigh each hole, then Zero/TARE the scale) – then start making batter;

Makes 6 (six) Yorkshire puddings.

Whisk together; 
Pinch of Salt
2 large eggs (but don’t crack yet! see the next lines)
Weight of biggest egg in flour. 
Weight of both eggs in milk. 

I find whisking the egg first, then adding the flour – whisking til lump free – then adding the milk – is the best way to go.

Fill 2/3rds up each section with batter, cook for 15 mins @ 195c – check after 13 mins.

We used a 6 section Yorkshire pudding tin made by Scoville which fitted perfectly in our Instant Pot Versa Air Fryer.

(Air fryers vary in size and temperature. This is guidance only.)

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